About Us

An Introduction

Kai Ho Tech was formed in 2018, comprised of several already successful manufacturing companies which all of them have already operated in the industry for over twenty years. Kai Ho Tech is the professional specialist in Mechanical/Thermal solutions.

Kai Ho Tech has the In-House Capability for several production processes, amongst which forging, extrusion, stamping, plastic/rubber injection and CNC. The secondary processes like CNC grinding and cutting and surface finish such as Anodizing and painting are also available in Kai Ho Tech.
These various manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide the overall and customized solutions to our valuable customers.


RD is always the key in Kai Ho Tech. Kai Ho Tech has the thermal simulation capability, we provide the design report to our customers. From day one, Kai Ho Tech wants to be the partner for customers. We understand the customer project inquiry, we design the solutions, we manufacture the products, we care about the quality and then we deliver to the customers. Kai Ho Tech wants to provide the “One Stop Shop” service of Mechanical/Thermal components to all customers.

Reputation is the most important faith of the owner of Kai Ho Tech. We provide the solutions/product we trust. Trust us and Kai Ho Tech will be your best partner in Mechanical/Thermal solutions development.